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The Harmony of Talon’s Enterprise Browsing Platform

By Peyton Padfield, Product & Content Marketing Manager | November 9, 2023

As enterprises embrace the modern workspace, they encounter a mix of advantages and obstacles that arise from enabling work across a diverse array of devices, locations, and web applications. This flexibility is great for workers and their productivity alongside companies that implement these models as it allows for a wider hiring pool, more flexibility in staffing, and potential decreases in expensive office real estate. However, this flexibility also causes headaches for CIOs, CISOs, and security teams the world over. The challenge is, how can an enterprise secure every device? How can they ensure that only the right people are accessing their data, with the right permissions? And, just as important, how can they trust that a contractor they’re bringing on for a short project, won’t bring with them malware, or worse, the intent to steal precious company resources?

The Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform meets these challenges head on with a unified combination of browser-based security, visibility, and control, safeguarding any user, whether on a company desktop in the office, a personal smartphone in a coffee shop, or an unmanaged laptop on the couch at home. The Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform enables secure access to corporate data and applications from any device, at any location, and through any web application, without adding friction to the user experience.

A Closer Look at the Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform

Talon’s Enterprise Browsing Platform redefines security management by offering a unified policy engine and management console that seamlessly deploys across our Browser, Extension, and Mobile solutions. This interconnected system allows for tailored security policies that are as unique as each user’s workflow, enabling granular control that governs web access directly through the platform—no complex permissions required. With Talon, productivity is unimpeded, and security is intuitive, ensuring that users experience a secure and frictionless digital environment whether they are on a personal or managed device. The Talon Management Console brings these elements together, allowing administrators to centrally manage and swiftly adapt policies, a necessity in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Immediately following the introduction of the Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform to an organization, the centralized management console emerges as a key feature. It’s the cornerstone of simplified browser security administration, providing a single pane of glass for policy management across the entire solution suite. This unified management streamlines the enforcement of security policies, ensuring consistency and ease of governance no matter where or how users are accessing web resources.

Navigating the Challenge of Unmanaged Devices with the Talon Browser

The cornerstone of the Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform is the Talon Enterprise Browser. The Talon browser is specifically crafted to address the shortcomings of traditional Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. With the landscape of enterprise security undergoing a transformative shift away from network perimeter defense to more fluid and dynamic environments, the Talon Enterprise Browser stands out with its Chromium-based architecture. This ensures a familiar user experience, which, coupled with advanced security capabilities, offers a comprehensive solution tailored for the nuanced needs of modern web applications and remote workforces. It provides a seamless and secure workspace that is both comprehensive in its surveillance of browser activities and respectful of user privacy—aligning perfectly with stringent data privacy and security or compliance regulations.

By integrating native security directly into the browser, including spear-phishing protection with an embedded local machine learning model, Talon has redefined endpoint protection. The Talon Enterprise Browser ensures granular control over browser activity, encrypting files, and restricting clipboard, printing, and screenshot functionalities to avoid data leaks This level of endpoint protection underscores Talon’s dedication to Zero Trust principles, ensuring that each endpoint is secure before granting access and continuously verifying authentication. Talon’s powerful approach delivers an unmatched productivity experience, facilitates frictionless onboarding with no admin privileges required, and allows quick, seamless integration with existing systems, like the Microsoft Azure or AWS ecosystem, proving indispensable in complex IT environments. The Talon browser is a solution that not only secures but also simplifies.

Getting a Better View with the Talon Extension

Deep visibility into activities on the web browser is a necessity for modern enterprise security. That’s where the Talon Extension comes in. It’s a powerful ally for teams using managed devices, offering a fortified and visible browsing experience as they navigate SaaS solutions and web applications on any browser. This innovative extension sidesteps the need for costly, traditional web security measures like Secure Web Gateways (SWG), providing a more economical and streamlined approach to cybersecurity. IT and security teams are equipped with the tools to monitor and manage browsing with ease, enhancing their ability to secure their digital environment down to the last detail, including browser versions and extensions in use.

Beyond just visibility, the Talon Extension empowers organizations with the means to proactively secure their online environments. It provides a robust layer of defense against the sophisticated threats of today’s digital world including the capacity to identify and thwart insider threats effectively. With features like URL filtering, anti-phishing, and ATO attack protection, alongside adaptive access controls, the extension ensures that the enterprise is safeguarded from both external adversaries and potential internal vulnerabilities. What’s more, the extension is designed for painless deployment across any browser and any endpoint, integrating with broader security infrastructure without requiring specialized agents, permissions, or approvals. It stands as a testament to unobtrusive yet effective security, working in harmony with the Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform to create a cohesive defense strategy for all devices within the enterprise’s purview.

Meeting Users Where They Are with Talon Mobile

Talon Mobile is the answer to the rising tide of mobile work, designed to provide secure, frictionless access to SaaS platforms and private web apps on any mobile device. In sectors where mobility is non-negotiable, from healthcare to field services, Talon Mobile stands out by delivering uncompromised security paired with a user-friendly experience. This agility ensures that productivity and protection go hand-in-hand, enabling a mobile workforce to perform without constraints and without the hassle of device enrollment and  privacy concerns of traditional Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM).

Talon Mobile serves as a robust outreach of enterprise security, extending security protocols to the frontlines where mobile devices operate. With Talon Mobile, IT and security teams gain an invaluable partner in safeguarding mobile browser activity. The comprehensive visibility, coupled with granular controls, allows for meticulous oversight of web interactions, ensuring adherence to corporate policies and regulatory compliance. It offers a seamless single sign-on (SSO) capability and event logging integrates seamlessly with existing security systems such as SIEM and XDR platforms. All the while, Talon Mobile maintains a familiar user interface, matching popular mobile browsers to strike the perfect balance between a robust security framework and an intuitive user experience, enabling workers to embrace mobile productivity without compromising personal device privacy or corporate security.

Why an Integrated Approach to Enterprise Browsing Matters

The Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform exemplifies the integration of disparate security elements into a unified, user-centric security strategy. It marks a departure from traditional, disjointed security measures, moving towards a more connected, proactive defense mechanism that aligns with modern digital transformation initiatives, user expectations, and security best practices. As a catalyst for secure, controlled web access, adopting Talon’s Enterprise Browsing Platform ensures enterprises are taking a strong first step into a new era of cybersecurity, one that’s driven by synergy, risk mitigation, and enhanced productivity.


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