Secure Foreign Operations

For global organizations, securing sensitive data and applications as their employees’ travel can be a daunting challenge to navigate. Different countries have different laws and practices that companies must adhere to when they operate internationally – a complex web that becomes risky when compounded by geopolitical tensions.

Security and IT leaders are turning to the Talon Enterprise Browser to set granular data and access policies to enable secure foreign operations.

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Talon’s Enterprise Browser ensures secure foreign operations no matter where your team operates

The Talon Enterprise Browser safeguards foreign firms operating in countries with stringent data controls. It offers advanced security features like secure browsing, encryption, access controls, and granular data control. Audit capabilities ensure compliance, while geo-fencing, remote data wipe, and browser lock capabilities protects against unauthorized access. With Talon’s Enterprise Browser, firms can confidently navigate challenging environments, ensuring operational integrity and peace of mind as their employees work outside their home countries.

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Security for the Modern Work Environment

Measurable Risk Reduction

Enable deep visibility and granular, policy-based control over web applications and data for last mile security.

Immediate Cost Savings

Stop shipping laptops and save money compared to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – up to 80% TCO savings.

Greater Agility & Productivity

Empower any user, in any location, on any device. Easily onboard and offboard users in minutes, rather than weeks.

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Talon has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to secure all users and devices