The Talon Enterprise Browser

The Leading Enterprise Browser designed for the future of work


Comprehensive visibility of all browser activities

  • Leverage built-in reports and dashboards: Gain a full picture of browser activity for SaaS and web applications. 
  • Deep insights for IT and security teams: Capture full web audit trails and session recordings for forensic investigations and compliance. 
  • Integration with external systems: Improve the capabilities of your existing security stack with browser telemetry and seamless integrations. 


Native security built into the browser

  • Security By Design: Protect users at the exact point where they interact with corporate applications and data: the browser. 
  • Protect Against Malware and Phishing: Implement a multi-layered approach for enhanced phishing protection and stop the transfer of infected files with built-in file scanning. 
  • Reduce Browser, Extension, and Device Risks: Prevent account takeover and Man in the Middle attacks, manage extensions, disable vulnerable components. 

Leverage the Talon Enterprise Browser to map to MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND

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Gain control of all browser activity

  • Granular controls: Set policy scope based on user, device posture, location, time, or network. 
  • Last mile control of your data: Prevent sensitive files from being uploaded, downloaded, or stored on endpoints, mask data for compliance, and control copy/paste, printing, and screenshots.  
  • Zero Trust controls for web applications: Apply conditional access controls based on device posture, set up MFA and just-in-time privileges per user.


Unrivaled productivity, no matter where your users are

  • Seamless SSO integration: Integrate existing IdP or ADFS groups for easy, secure sign-on for users. 
  • Simplify work across devices: Synchronize profiles across multiple devices to empower workers across any device. 
  • Rich productivity features: Transition to Talon easily with personalized home screens, intuitive clipboard manager, and imported bookmarks and settings. 


Superior end-user experiences for any worker

  • Ultra familiar user experiences: Built on Chromium – same user interface, rendering, and extensions that your workers know and love. 
  • Enable device and OS choice: Empower users to work from any location, on any device all while remaining secure. 
  • Onboarding made simple: Get workers started in 6 minutes, not 6 hours. 

Explore Use Cases

Browsers are critical access points for businesses, making them prime targets for attackers. Protect your organization with the Talon Enterprise Browser.

Enterprises often rely on third parties like contractors, freelancers, and other partners who access corporate applications using unmanaged endpoints. Talon secures third-party access to corporate applications and systems.

With the rise of hybrid work, employees often use their personal devices, that are not managed by an organization, to access corporate systems. Ensure the security of your organization’s data with Talon’s Enterprise Browser.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS are often deployed to secure third-party and employee BYOD access. The Talon Enterprise Browser can deliver measurable risk reduction and up to 80% TCO savings compared to these alternatives.

The Zero Trust security framework requires all users accessing applications and data to undergo authentication, authorization, and continuous validation, ensuring secure access. With Talon’s Enterprise Browser, you can do zero trust better.

To avoid revenue and reputation damage, global enterprises must have visibility into the security posture of their subsidiaries. Talon’s Enterprise Browser provides deep visibility and protection, allowing your business quickly and securely onboard new teams.

Customer service team members, who often have deep access to customer data, are prime targets for bad actors. The Talon Enterprise Browser protects your customer care staff from malicious cyber-attacks.

Global enterprises need to secure their sensitive applications and data no matter where their employees travel. Doing so is becoming more challenging, given geopolitical tensions between nations. Learn how Talon’s Enterprise Browser can help.

ChatGPT, while enhancing productivity, raises data privacy concerns. The Talon Enterprise Browser mitigates risks by providing control and visibility over ChatGPT sessions and safeguarding sensitive data.

Leverage the Talon Enterprise Browser to map to MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks.

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Talon has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to secure all users and devices