Talon Extension

Visibility and security for web, SaaS, and private apps on any browser 


Comprehensive visibility of all browser activities

  • In-depth insights for enhanced security: Discover shadow IT and obtain detailed web audit trails and crucial device information, including operating system versions and installed extensions. 
  • Unified browser data and external integration: Access a comprehensive view of browser activities via the Talon Management Console to facilitate threat hunting and forensics. 
  • Seamless security system integration: Send browser telemetry to SIEM and XDR platforms to enhance your security infrastructure. 


Enhance Security on any browser

  • Protect against phishing: Prevent access to malicious domains, URLs, and phishing with a multi-layered approach. 
  • Reduce Account Takeover (ATO) risks: Protect your organization from infostealers and attacks that target tokens and cookies. 
  • Protect against malware: Empower your organization with the Talon Extension’s advanced malware detection capabilities. Automatically identify and neutralize threats.

See how the Talon Extension adds advanced security capabilities to any web browser

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Gain control of all browser activity

  • Minimize security risks with URL filtering: Talon’s Extension blocks potentially malicious websites to reduce malware infections. 
  • Streamline access to SaaS and web apps: Ensure secure access to sensitive applications exclusively through browsers fortified with the Talon Extension, and force ultra-sensitive applications to the Talon Enterprise Browser. 
  • Base decisions on browser posture: Enforce access rules to web applications based on the security posture of the web browser, ensuring compliance with stringent cybersecurity standards.

Productivity & Experience

Easy Deployment, Smooth User Experience

  • Deploy effortlessly: Install the Talon Extension swiftly using a simple process through your device management system. 
  • Maintain a normal workflow: Ensure seamless browser use and workflow continuity with Talon’s solutions, free from latency issues. 
  • Customize for reassurance: Give the Talon Extension a custom-branded look to visually assure users of their protection.

Explore Use Cases

Browsers are critical access points for businesses, making them prime targets for attackers. Protect your organization with the Talon Enterprise Browser.

Enterprises often rely on third parties like contractors, freelancers, and other partners who access corporate applications using unmanaged endpoints. Talon secures third-party access to corporate applications and systems.

With the rise of hybrid work, employees often use their personal devices, that are not managed by an organization, to access corporate systems. Ensure the security of your organization’s data with Talon’s Enterprise Browser.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS are often deployed to secure third-party and employee BYOD access. The Talon Enterprise Browser can deliver measurable risk reduction and up to 80% TCO savings compared to these alternatives.

The Zero Trust security framework requires all users accessing applications and data to undergo authentication, authorization, and continuous validation, ensuring secure access. With Talon’s Enterprise Browser, you can do zero trust better.

To avoid revenue and reputation damage, global enterprises must have visibility into the security posture of their subsidiaries. Talon’s Enterprise Browser provides deep visibility and protection, allowing your business quickly and securely onboard new teams.

Customer service team members, who often have deep access to customer data, are prime targets for bad actors. The Talon Enterprise Browser protects your customer care staff from malicious cyber-attacks.

Global enterprises need to secure their sensitive applications and data no matter where their employees travel. Doing so is becoming more challenging, given geopolitical tensions between nations. Learn how Talon’s Enterprise Browser can help.

ChatGPT, while enhancing productivity, raises data privacy concerns. The Talon Enterprise Browser mitigates risks by providing control and visibility over ChatGPT sessions and safeguarding sensitive data.

Talon has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to secure all users and devices