Securing Generative AI and ChatGPT

While generative AI tools like ChatGPT offer significant boosts to productivity, they introduce new challenges around data privacy for security and compliance leaders. Talon’s Enterprise Browser addresses these concerns head-on. The Talon browser gives IT and security teams deep visibility and tight control over all SaaS solutions and web applications, including ChatGPT interactions. Talon protects confidential data and reduces ChatGPT security risks by blocking phishing attempts, malware, and malicious extensions, restricting clipboard copy and paste functions, and defending against account takeover and man-in-the-middle attacks. And, with Talon’s ChatGPT Secure Assistant for Azure OpenAI Service, administrators can automatically direct all ChatGPT sessions to the secure Azure OpenAI Service for additional protection.

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Introducing Talon’s ChatGPT Secure Assistant

Explore the power of Talon’s own generative AI companion – built directly in the Enterprise Browser.


Gain visibility and control over ChatGPT sessions with Talon

Harness the power of Talon’s Enterprise Browser to gain unprecedented visibility and control over ChatGPT sessions. Built with native security features, Talon protects users at the very point where they interact with ChatGPT— the browser. We offer robust defenses against account takeovers and man-in-the-middle attacks and provide management options for browser extensions and restricted ChatGPT access. To maintain a familiar and seamless user experience, Talon preserves the Chromium-based interface that users are accustomed to. Additionally, the browser allows for granular clipboard restrictions, preventing the pasting of confidential data into ChatGPT sessions. For a comprehensive oversight, Talon tracks all ChatGPT-related activities, facilitating compliance and forensic investigations through detailed audit trails and session recordings.

Security for the Modern Work Environment

Measurable Risk Reduction

Enable deep visibility and granular, policy-based control over web applications and data for last mile security.

Immediate Cost Savings

Stop shipping laptops and save money compared to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – up to 80% TCO savings.

Greater Agility & Productivity

Empower any user, in any location, on any device. Easily onboard and offboard users in minutes, rather than weeks.

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