VDI Alternative for Third-Party and Employee BYOD Access

VDI solutions such as Citrix and VMware Horizon have long been the go-to for secure access but come with high costs, management complexities, and poor user-experience for employees and third-parties alike. That’s why many organizations use Talon’s Enterprise Browser as an alternative. Unlike a VDI or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that hosts desktop instances remotely, Talon isolates web traffic locally on the endpoint, preventing malware spread and data loss without adding latency or impairing experience. Operations teams gain deep visibility and tight control over unmanaged and unsanctioned devices for a fraction of the cost of VDI or DaaS solutions.

Talon Point of View Brief

Why Secure Enterprise Browsers are Emerging as an Alternative to VDI

Reuven Eliyahu, VP of Customer Success


Avoid VDI cost and complexity with Talon

The Talon Enterprise Browser is engineered to eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional VDI solutions while fortifying your cybersecurity posture. Built with native security features, it defends against account takeovers and man-in-the-middle attacks, allowing granular control over extensions and vulnerable components. Retaining the familiar Chromium-based user experience, Talon ensures seamless adoption and productivity for your workforce. Our granular Zero Trust access controls, coupled with restrictions on clipboard, printing, and screenshots, prevent data leakage. Furthermore, Talon offers comprehensive visibility into browser activity, integrating seamlessly with existing SIEM and XDR platforms for enhanced governance and compliance.

Security for the Modern Work Environment

Measurable Risk Reduction

Enable deep visibility and granular, policy-based control over web applications and data for last mile security.

Immediate Cost Savings

Stop shipping laptops and save money compared to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – up to 80% TCO savings.

Greater Agility & Productivity

Empower any user, in any location, on any device. Easily onboard and offboard users in minutes, rather than weeks.

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Talon has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to secure all users and devices