Zero Trust for Hybrid Workers and SaaS Solutions

Traditional security models that rely on perimeter-based architecture are increasingly ineffective in a world characterized by SaaS applications and hybrid work environments. A Zero Trust security model assumes all users and devices are implicitly untrusted and must be continuously authenticated and authorized regardless of their location or network. Talon’s Enterprise Browser enforces Zero Trust principles through conditional access controls, offering both employees and third-party vendors secure and seamless access to essential web apps no matter where they work.

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Zero Trust for SaaS and Web Applications

Ohad Bobrov, Co-Founder and CTO


End-to-end Zero Trust

Talon’s Enterprise Browser offers an end-to-end Zero Trust security model, giving you full control over all browser activities. This includes introducing Zero Trust access controls for web apps and SaaS solutions, facilitated by multi-factor authentication and just-in-time privilege escalation. The browser allows granular security policies to be instituted based on various factors such as user identity, device posture, location, time, and network. Moreover, we safeguard against unauthorized data transfers by preventing sensitive files from being uploaded or downloaded, while also implementing clipboard, printing, and screenshot restrictions. At the same time, Talon protects users at the critical point where they interact with corporate applications—by offering built-in phishing protection, file scanning, and defenses against account takeover and other attacks. For enterprise-wide visibility, our browser provides extensive audit trails and session recordings, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing SIEM and XDR platforms.

Security for the Modern Work Environment

Measurable Risk Reduction

Enable deep visibility and granular, policy-based control over web applications and data for last mile security.

Immediate Cost Savings

Stop shipping laptops and save money compared to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – up to 80% TCO savings.

Greater Agility & Productivity

Empower any user, in any location, on any device. Easily onboard and offboard users in minutes, rather than weeks.

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Talon has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to secure all users and devices