The first ever enterprise browser designed for
the new work era

Encapsulate enterprise activity securely within the TalonWork browser environment, on any device, and with all the benefits of your regular browser.

Multiple security solutions, one powerful browser

Browser hardening against zero-day exploits

Isolate work environment from device malware

All SaaS visibility & governance

Advanced network inspection


Why Talon?

Browser-centric security approach

Talon’s approach provides extended protection,
visibility and control whether it’s a corporate
device or non-corporate device.

Talon Security browser

Built with user experience in mind

Keep your people happy and productive with ease of use. Users activate TalonWork with one-click, and experience no latency or downtime, nor need to learn new tools.

Talon Security browser

No more security blind spots

Gain context-aware visibility into 100% of the services
your employees work on, allowing improved
incident response and analysis.

Talon Security browser

The high-impact, low maintenance choice

Boost your security while lowering complexity, management and operational demands, and costs.

Talon Security browser

Find out how TalonWork can ramp
up your cybersecurity posture

Talon named a finalist in the RSA Sandbox Competition!