The first secure enterprise browser designed for
the future of work

Defend against malware and prevent data loss for SaaS and web-based applications for any business user from any location or device

Security for the Modern Work Environment

Data Loss



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SaaS Visibility
and Protection

Secure & Isolated Chromium-based workspace

TalonWork, is a hardened Chromium-based browser that isolates web traffic locally on the endpoint, providing a responsive, native user experience. TalonWork integrates with popular Identity Providers to streamline user onboarding and policy enforcement.

Talon Security browser

Data Loss Prevention 

TalonWork provides comprehensive DLP to reduce cyber risk. This includes file encryption to prevent sensitive files from being shared externally or stored on endpoints. TalonWork also provides granular clipboard, printing, and screenshot restrictions.

Threat Protection 

TalonWork blocks access to malicious domains and phishing websites with URL filtering and enhanced safe browsing functions. TalonWork also prevents malicious files from being uploaded/downloaded using Talon’s file scanning engine or CrowdStrike Falcon X.

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Zero Trust

TalonWork aligns with Zero Trust approaches by comprehensively validating an endpoint’s security posture, such as the underlying OS, patch version, and installed security software. TalonWork also continuously authenticates and authorizes users and endpoints accessing enterprise resources.

Talon Security browser

SaaS Visibility and Protection 

TalonWork provides comprehensive monitoring of all work-related web browsing without impacting the privacy of your workforce or third parties. TalonWork audits user activities inside SaaS and web applications to address security and compliance requirements.

Talon Security browser

Unmanaged Personal Devices

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Unmanaged Third-Party Devices

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Secure Enterprise Browser

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End-to-End Zero Trust

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Why Talon?

Reduce Cyber Risk

Provide deep visibility and control for SaaS and web-based applications to defend against malware and prevent data loss

Deliver Operational Efficiency​

Provides up to 80% TCO savings compared to alternatives. Deploy in minutes and integrate seamlessly with your Identity Provider

Accelerate Business Growth​

Support third-party and employee productivity by enabling secure work on unmanaged and managed devices

Improve the End User Experience

Avoid workforce privacy concerns and reduce frustration due to latency of VDI and network-based security alternatives

Talon Integration with CrowdStrike Falcon X

TalonWork integrates with Falcon X to deliver advanced malware protection. The joint integration prevents TalonWork users from uploading or downloading potentially harmful files.

Talon secures $100M series A funding!