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Solve the Challenges Posed by Foreign Operations with Talon’s Enterprise Browser

By Talon Research | May 18, 2023

For global organizations, securing sensitive data and applications as employees travel or work internationally can be a daunting challenge to navigate. Different countries have different laws and practices that companies must adhere to when they operate in foreign regions – creating a complex web that becomes risky when compounded by geopolitical tensions.   

For an example, look no further than the situation in China, where the business environment has become increasingly risky, highlighted by the recent incident involving Bain & Co. in Shanghai. Chinese authorities questioned workers, confiscating laptops and mobile devices during the investigation, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal

Escalating Risks 

China recently expanded its anti-espionage law in April 2023, causing concerns as it broadens China’s definition of national security to potentially encompass regular business activities like gathering intelligence on competitors and partners. Furthermore, authorities now have the power to inspect the facilities and electronic devices of individuals suspected of spying. 

To help navigate deeply complex situations like this, where robust data protection is a necessity, organizations can turn to our Enterprise Browser, which delivers the comprehensive control over data and access needed to navigate international hurdles. 

How An Enterprise Browser Fits In 

In this uncertain landscape, the Talon Enterprise Browser is an effective solution for businesses seeking to navigate the risks. It empowers organizations to maintain complete control over their data by easily configuring who can access specific applications and corporate systems. This allows employees, contractors, and agents to work safely and securely, regardless of their physical location. 

The Talon browser is easily rolled out onto any device of any worker that accesses corporate applications and data, and allows IT and Security teams to enforce policies to satisfy data requirements in foreign countries, such as: 

  • Granular Data Controls: The Talon browser allows organizations to define and enforce data access policies, ensuring sensitive files remain within the browser and preventing unauthorized downloads from SaaS and web applications. 
  • Secure Data Handling: By restricting copy/paste functionality, the Talon browser prevents users from extracting and copying sensitive data to local destinations, safeguarding critical information from unauthorized access. 
  • Access Controls: The browser provides the flexibility to restrict or revoke access to sensitive applications and data in real-time. It also enables the masking of non-essential data, ensuring that users only see information relevant to their job roles. 

In short, the Talon Enterprise Browser allows you to provide users with the exact level of access needed to perform their job responsibilities. These capabilities enable organizations to seamlessly provide secure access to corporate services for users based in or visiting foreign countries, mitigating the risks associated with data access in these locations. 

To learn more about how Talon empowers customers to secure foreign operations, visit:


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