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Unveiling the Unseen: Talon’s Visibility Features

By Peyton Padfield, Product & Content Marketing Manager | December 22, 2023

There’s a universal truth when it comes to cybersecurity. It goes beyond password hygiene, firewalls, and education. It’s an elementary yet often underestimated truth that stands at the core of any robust cybersecurity strategy: Where there’s visibility, there’s security.

At Talon, we stand strongly behind this truth. In fact, it was one of our main drivers when we developed the Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform. With our Platform, security and IT teams gain unprecedented visibility into user actions at the exact place where they interact with corporate assets – the browser.

The Talon Platform, spearheaded by the Talon Enterprise Browser, opens a window to a world of transparency across web-based operations. It grants IT and security teams the power to clearly see and manage the digital activities that unfold within the once shadowy realms of internet browser usage in a corporate environment.

The Vision of Visibility

Talon’s Enterprise Browsing Platform transforms the concept of visibility into browser activities from a passive report into a single pane of glass with which administrators can easily review all activity from the Talon Enterprise Browser, Talon Extension, and Talon Mobile. At its core, Talon’s entire platform meticulously records detailed logs of all user activities, such as clicks, downloads, and site visits, within the secured browsing environment. This real-time monitoring capability is crucial, as it allows for immediate detection and response to potential threats. Administrators can utilize Talon’s visibility features to swiftly pinpoint and investigate specific activities, from file downloads to access of sensitive web applications, making the vast troves of data manageable and actionable.

Built-in Reports and Dashboards

Enhancing the raw data with intuitive dashboards, Talon offers administrators a visual representation of their security posture, making it easier to identify trends and anomalies. The generated audit trails provide a chronological sequence of user activities, essential for post-incident analyses and compliance audits. Furthermore, Talon’s platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with an organization’s existing security infrastructure, including SIEM and XDR systems, ensuring that browser-based telemetry contributes to a strengthened defense against cyber threats. This comprehensive approach ensures that Talon’s visibility features are not just about oversight—they’re about providing actionable insights that turn the browser into a strategic asset for enterprise security.

Navigating with Precision

With Talon’s diverse filters, admins can navigate a sea of information with the precision and intent. We’ve made it easy to focus on the events that matter, quickly identifying and flagging any unusual activity for further investigation and correlation. From a singular suspicious event, admins can expand their view, pulling similar activities into their radar with just a few clicks. This level of granularity is only possible thanks to the

Extending the Horizon with Event Forwarding

Talon’s visibility capabilities can also extend with practical utility into the broader security operations of an organization. Our platform’s event forwarding features simplify the integration of browser logs with external SIEM or XDR platforms, enhancing these existing security systems with minimal fuss. This seamless integration equips security teams with a unified view of threats and user behavior, fostering a more proactive security posture. With Talon, valuable data doesn’t stay siloed; instead, it flows into the tools that security professionals use daily, ensuring that they have comprehensive insights at their fingertips. The result is a more connected, responsive, and fortified security operation, ready to tackle the complexities of modern cybersecurity challenges.

Embarking on a Journey of Enhanced Visibility

The Talon Enterprise Browsing Platform does more than illuminate activity, of course.  With unprecedented visibility, security, and control over all browser activities, Talon acts as a guardian for enterprises, ensuring all managed, unmanaged, and mobile devices are securely accessing corporate assets – and that the users accessing are the right people, accessing at the right time.

Talon’s platform is a bit like having an extra set of eyes that never blink, always keeping a watchful gaze over your entire digital domain. From the tiniest action on a remote device to the big picture of enterprise-wide web usage, Talon has it covered. So, whether you’re locking down sensitive data or making sure that Bob from accounting only accesses what he needs to, Talon’s right there with you. It’s about making your life easier and your data safer, one click at a time.


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