Talon Available in AWS Marketplace

The availability of the Talon Enterprise Browser on the AWS Marketplace allows AWS customers to purchase and deploy Talon’s browser through their existing AWS account, regardless of the location of the endpoints the solution is deployed on.

Why Talon and AWS?

Combine Talon’s browser and AWS desktop application streaming solutions to further secure every part of your IT environment, and with Talon, administrators are empowered manage event data effectively through a robust integration with Amazon Security Lake. This provides a refined strategy for data management and security, offering an added dimension of convenience and dependability.

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Talon and AWS Use Cases

Enterprises often rely on third parties like contractors, freelancers, and other partners who access corporate applications using unmanaged endpoints. Talon secures third-party access to corporate applications and systems.

With the rise of hybrid work, employees often use their personal devices, that are not managed by an organization, to access corporate systems. Ensure the security of your organization’s data with Talon’s Enterprise Browser.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS are often deployed to secure third-party and employee BYOD access. The Talon Enterprise Browser can deliver measurable risk reduction and up to 80% TCO savings compared to these alternatives.

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Talon has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to secure all users and devices