Talon Available in AWS Marketplace 

Why Talon and AWS?  

Through AWS Marketplace, customers can conveniently purchase and deploy Talon’s Enterprise Browser using their existing AWS accounts. Additionally, Talon strengthens administrators’ ability to manage event data effectively through a robust integration with Amazon Security Lake. This provides a refined strategy for data management and security, offering an added dimension of convenience and dependability.

Talon and AWS Use Cases

Secure Third-Party Access Link

Secure Third-Party Access

Protect unmanaged endpoints against malware and data leakage

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Secure Employee BYOD Programs Link

Secure Employee BYOD Programs

​Isolate web traffic to defend against risks like malicious websites ​

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VDI and DaaS Alternatives Link

VDI and DaaS Alternatives

More secure access and controls, no complex infrastructure

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Ready to see Talon’s Enterprise Browser in action?

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