Distributed Workforce, Secured.

Talon has created the first enterprise browser specifically designed to implement the highest levels of cybersecurity for a modern, distributed workforce, while reducing complexity and cost.

Make the browser your
first line of defense

The shift to remote working and increasing reliance on SaaS applications alongside internal enterprise resources had made the browser the gateway to your organization. Transform your browser into your biggest cybersecurity asset with Talon. 

A flexible & frictionless
employee experience

Maximize your cybersecurity while enabling your employees to work in the ways they know and love because flexibility and convenience drive innovation and business growth.

Get started in
less than an hour

Get Talon deployed across your organization in one simple integration, with the option to set policies instantly or choose from pre-defined policies. There’s no hidden complexity or additional operational overhead.  

“The browser is a back door to your network and the front door to your business. With today’s rapid adoption of SaaS, we should make sure we secure the browser taking both functions into account”

Bob Blakley
Bob Blakley

“Adjusting to the new reality of hybrid workforces represents a major challenge for any business. Companies must ensure frictionless and secure access to sensitive corporate data, regardless of employee location, or the devices they’re using to log in. Talon’s innovative solution is helping to close this gap and I’m excited to be an active participant in their journey.”

John Thompson
John Thompson

“Today’s work from anywhere world demands a flexible and secure working environment, and as a result, modern security must be frictionless by design. Talon’s browser-based security solution takes a fresh approach, putting the user experience front and center while extending the security of the enterprise.”

George Kurtz
George Kurtz

“A new approach for cyber security is needed, one that alongside enterprise grade security, emphasizes business enablement, employee productivity and ease of operations, and that will truly support the new working models from anywhere and any device. I believe Talon’s solution is spot on, and addresses these is an innovative, elegant and creative way.”

Mark Anderson

״Protection, ease of use, and a having a unified posture across all devices are fundamentals that every security leader works to achieve. All of these are key to what make Talon’s solution a smart and practical security solution.״

Charles Blauner
Charles Blauner

Consistent cybersecurity posture on any device, anywhere.

Enable BYOPC & work from personal devices

Secure 3rd party contractors

Increase SaaS control & governance

Enhance security when accessing crown jewels

Accelerate & secure user onboarding

Ensure rapid & thorough off-boarding

The leading solution for the modern,
distributed workforce

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    Talon named a finalist in the RSA Sandbox Competition!