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Empower Users with Talon’s Admin Approval

By Mischa Peters, Director of Sales Engineering EMEA | October 20, 2023

How Admin Approval Works

The beauty of Talon’s Admin Approval process lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. When a user encounters a blocked website, a message is shown, notifying them of the restriction. Instead of hitting a dead end, users are presented with an option to request access by simply pressing a button and providing a brief reason for their request.

Once the user submits their access request, an alert is shown in the Talon console for the administrator to handle. This notification contains vital information about the user, the requested website, and the reason for the access request. The administrator is then presented with two options: to either approve or decline the request.

Time-Bound Access for Enhanced Security

Recognizing the importance of security, Admin Approval offers the flexibility to grant access for an administrator selectable timeframe. This temporal aspect ensures that access is granted only for as long as necessary, mitigating any potential risks associated with prolonged access to restricted content.

For instance, an administrator may choose to approve a request for a duration of 10 minutes or a couple of hours, or days, depending on the nature of the request and organizational policies. This feature strikes a delicate balance between enabling user productivity and maintaining a high level of security.

Delegated Authorization through Integration

Taking convenience to the next level, Admin Approval can be seamlessly integrated with popular service management platforms like ServiceNow via the Talon API. This integration empowers designated individuals beyond the administrator to perform Admin Approval, distributing the responsibility and streamlining the approval process.

By extending this capability to trusted team members, organizations can ensure that access requests are promptly addressed, even in the absence of the primary administrator. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a culture of trust and collaboration within the organization.

Real-World Application

Imagine a large organization with a diverse team spread across multiple departments and time zones. With the Admin Approval function integrated into their workflow, team members can request access to blocked websites in real-time, regardless of their location. This ensures that critical tasks are not delayed due to access restrictions, fostering a more agile and responsive work environment.

Let’s consider a more specific example from a Talon customer to really drive home the utility of Admin Approval. A financial analyst is working on a time-sensitive project that involves gathering market data from a website usually restricted due to organizational policies—let’s say, a cryptocurrency market information site. Traditional financial sources don’t have the granular data she needs for her analysis. She hits the blocked message but sees the Admin Approval button and clicks it, explaining that she needs this information to complete a project that has C-level visibility.

The IT admin receives the request in his Talon console. He reviews the analyst’s request and sees the reason she provided. Understanding the urgency and importance, he grants time-bound access for three hours, sufficient time for the analyst to gather the required data. This whole interaction takes less than a few minutes, eliminating the frustrating ticket system and delays commonly associated with such requests, and the time-bound aspect ensures that the website is only accessible for the duration necessary for the analyst to complete her task, thus maintaining organizational security standards.

This practical example underlines how Admin Approval creates a win-win situation for both users and administrators. It removes unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, speeds up productivity, and keeps security as a top priority. Whether you’re an individual contributor like that financial analyst, and IT admin, or a CIO, Admin Approval simplifies and secures the whole process.


The Talon Enterprise Browser, with its groundbreaking Admin Approval function, exemplifies a user-centric approach to secure browsing. By allowing users to request access to blocked websites and granting administrators the power to approve or decline these requests, the browser strikes a delicate balance between security and productivity.

Furthermore, the ability to delegate authorization through integration with platforms like ServiceNow demonstrates the browser’s adaptability to complex organizational structures. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also nurtures a culture of trust and collaboration.

In a digital landscape where agility and security are paramount, the Talon Enterprise Browser stands tall as a testament to innovation, empowering users and administrators alike. With Admin Approval, the browser paves the way for a seamless, secure, and productive browsing experience.


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