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The Next Chapter: Palo Alto Networks + Talon 

By Ofer Ben Noon, CEO | November 6, 2023

When my incredible co-founder Ohad and I started Talon just a couple of years ago, we had a vision: to power and protect the modern workforce and have a positive impact on as many people as humanly possible. 

Why the browser?

To accomplish this goal, we took a step back and looked at the browser. It’s a clear focal point of enterprise work, and an application that most users interact with so often. In today’s world of SaaS applications and distributed work, it has essentially become the operating system for many workers. 

We got together and thought: instead of surrounding the browser with security tools, what if we created a security platform in the browser itself? What would happen if we flipped the script and turned the browser into a solution, rather than a potential vulnerability? What if we could give organizations deep visibility and tight control over this heavily used application? What would that enable for security teams? What would it unlock for workforces? 

Hear from our customers on how transformative Talon is.

The Start of An Amazing Journey  

So, we launched the Talon Enterprise Browser in October 2021 as a pioneer in the category, our vision of transforming the browser into an enterprise-grade, secure workspace became a reality, and served as the foundation we used to propel Talon into the award-winning company it is today. 

Throughout our journey so far, there have been so many milestones. To name just a few that stand out as we reflect on our progress and where we are headed: 

See Talon’s Enterprise Browser in Action

See Talon’s granular DLP capabilities.
See Talon’s robust Security features.

Talon’s Next Chapter 

Today, we are proud to share another incredible milestone in Talon history, as Palo Alto Networks has announced its intent to acquire Talon. By teaming up with Palo Alto Networks after closing, we will move forward with the powerful joint vision of helping leading organizations secure any user, in any location, on any device, all while delivering exceptional user experiences.  

This acquisition is simply the start of another chapter in our journey. It represents a monumental, significant leap forward. Through the integration of Talon’s Enterprise Browsing Platform with Prisma® SASE after closing, we will remain hyper-focused on providing customers with robust, innovative solutions that strengthen security programs. 

To our customers 

Thank you for your trust in our team, for allowing us to address your critical last-mile security needs, and for the amazing feedback that has helped mold our technology into what it is today. We are ecstatic to keep working with you all, and making leading organizations like yours more secure, while boosting the productivity of your workforces.  

To our employees, partners and investors 

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. None of our achievements so far, or in the future, are possible without your unwavering support, dedication and willingness to push boundaries. 

Together, we remain on the path to shape what security programs look like for the future of work. 

With great appreciation ❤️



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