Provide Secure Access to Modern Customer Care Apps 

Today’s contact centers are notoriously diverse and dynamic environments, plagued by high burnout and turnover. They are staffed by a variety of personnel – employees, outsourcers, freelancers  –  who work on-site or remotely, in permanent or temporary roles, using company-supplied or unmanaged devices.

These disparate, ever-changing environments are inherently difficult to administer and secure. Onboarding and offboarding users, monitoring and controlling access to customer care apps, and safeguarding confidential data is a challenge for many IT and security teams.

Talon for
Customer Care

Native Security Built into the Browser

Protect users at the exact point where they interact with contact center applications and data: the browser.

Defend against malware and credential theft with built-in phishing protection and file scanning.

Prevent account takeover and man-in-the-middle attacks, manage extensions, and disable vulnerable components.

Full Control of all Browser Activity

Institute granular security policies based on user, device posture, location, time, or network.

Prevent sensitive files from being uploaded, downloaded, or stored on endpoints. Implement clipboard, printing, and screenshot restrictions, and mask data to prevent leakage.

Introduce Zero Trust access controls for contact center applications, with MFA and just-in-time privilege escalation.

Rapid Onboarding and Superior User Experience

Onboard and offboard users in minutes.

Preserve the Chromium-based user experience users already know and love.

Let users securely work from any location, using any device or OS.

Security for the Modern Work Environment

Measurable Risk Reduction

Enable deep visibility and granular, policy-based control over web applications and data for last mile security

Immediate Cost Savings

Stop shipping laptops and save money compared to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – up to 80% TCO savings

Greater Agility and Productivity

Empower any user, in any location, on any device. Easily onboard and offboard users in minutes, rather than weeks.

Looking to secure your customer care teams,
remote or on-site?

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