Integrate Seamlessly With All Your Stack

Built for the enterprise environment, Talon integrates with your existing security stack for easy deployment, streamlined operations, and maximum value across the organization.

Keep your choices

Talon works with your existing security stack to improve and extend coverage.

Fast Deployment

Native integrations with IdP and IT tools allows you to deploy and configure policies and network in minutes

Ease operations

Ease your day-to-day by leveraging your existing security and IT policies and tools.

Identity providers

Talon’s integration with top Identity Providers streamlines user authentication and strengthens access control. These partnerships ensures a secure and efficient browsing experience throughout the IT environment.

Endpoint Management

Talon seamlessly connects to leading Endpoint Management solutions to deliver enhanced security and control. This collaboration empowers organizations to manage and secure user interactions across all endpoints.

Security Operations

Talon integrates with prominent Security Operations platforms, enabling real-time threat detection and response for modern and comprehensive cybersecurity management.

Asset Management

Enhancing Asset Management capabilities, Talon’s integration with leading tools offers comprehensive tracking and control of digital assets, boosting both security and operational efficiency in managing enterprise resources.

ZTNA & Access Management

Deep integration with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Access Management solutions fortifies network security, enforcing strict access controls based on user verification and trust.

Talon has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to secure all users and devices