Talon integration with CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence

Extend CrowdStrike’s capabilities to unmanaged endpoints with Talon

Digital transformation has reshaped the way organizations interact with their customers and workforce, including an increased reliance on employees and third parties accessing applications and infrastructure from unmanaged devices. Savvy threat actors can exploit the security gaps this creates to steal data, spread malware, and orchestrate advanced attacks. Talon integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence to reduce the risks posed by unmanaged devices. The joint solution prevents TalonWork users from uploading or downloading potentially harmful files. When a user attempts to upload or download a file, TalonWork automatically forwards the file to Falcon Intelligence for analysis.

Talon and CrowdStrike Integration Use Cases

Secure access for third parties

Protect unmanaged endpoints against malware and data leakage

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Secure access for BYOD​

​Isolate web traffic to defend against risks like malicious websites ​

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Support M&A activities

Simplify implementing uniform security policies post M&A

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“CrowdStrike and Talon share a common mission, and this integration extends endpoint protection to all of the devices that are used to connect to the enterprise, whether managed or not. By working with customers to bolster the security of the unmanaged devices in use across their organizations, Talon’s integration with Falcon solves one of the most pervasive challenges in cybersecurity.”
Mike Setonas, President, CrowdStrike

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