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Win As One

Every role is designed to add value to the business. We are team players who play our roles to the best of our abilities.

Deep Passion

Talonists are enthusiastic to contribute to our mission, and passionate about making a large impact on the industry.

Rapid innovation

We are transforming the way that Security teams drive productivity and protect their workforces.

Who We Are?

Talonists are passionate about transforming the way IT and Security teams drive productivity and secure their workforces. A people-first culture, our close-knit team is the driving force behind our success and workplace culture. By working at Talon, you can contribute to the team that is changing how organizations think about enterprise work and make a significant impact on our exciting journey.

Meet the Talonists

Ido Orlovski

R&D Team Leader

Nataly Rudnitsky Dalal

Product Manager

Mischa Peters

Director Sales Engineering EMEA

Eitan Yacovson

Senior Product Designer

Adi Artsi

Senior Fullstack developer

John Korber

Senior CSM

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