Implement Extensive
End-to-End Zero Trust

Setting access and controls has become more difficult with the global shift to working from anywhere, multiple device types in use, and multiple service realms (on-prem, IaaS, SaaS). Zero trust aims to eliminate implicit trust while continuously verifying user identities. However, most of today’s solutions require complex implementations, provide limited coverage, control only initial access, exclude endpoint protection, and lack restrictions as to what users can do once they’ve been initially authenticated to a service.

TalonWork delivers zero trust from the browser without adding network complexity 

TalonWork provides a browsing experience workers already know, but with extensive,

zero trust security capabilities built-in. TalonWork increases visibility, control,

and governance—providing your business with the robustness, flexibility,

and simple deployment required in today’s business world. 



Zero Trust

Trust No Endpoint 

Create a secure workspace on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS) in minutes—including browser hardening and anti-tampering capabilities, securing company assets saved on endpoints, as well as prevention of unauthorized physical access and easy offboarding of users. 

Continuous, Contextual Authorization 

Enforce access to specific (or all) apps and services with simple integration with your existing security stackonly by using TalonWorkwhile continuously monitoring users, their device posture, location, and access time. Immediately prevent browser access if a policy is violated. 

Granular Restrictions – Beyond Access 

Monitor user activities and enforce per-application restrictions for actions takensuch as risky activities (login, download, upload, sharing) and client-side activities (clipboard use, printing, taking screenshots), mask sensitive information, and require MFA across actions users can perform in corporate apps. 

Enable Optimal User Experience

Provide workers with a browser experience they already know.

Stronger, Extensive Security

Restrict in-app and client-side activities granularly—per app and account type.

Reduce TCO and Simplify Operations

Use your current security stack permissions to simplify access enforcement.

Looking for a simple to deploy,
end-to-end Zero Trust solution?

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