The browser is your current security frontline

Current IT trends and analysis of emerging attacks show the browser as the pivotal point between your workers and the internet. 

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Employees spend most of their workday in the browser

The browser is how users interact with the internet. With the increased adoption of SaaS and remote work, the browser has become employees’ main workspace.

By securing it you can turn a potential security blind spot into an advantage – achieving complete visibility into online user behavior.

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A lucrative target for hackers 

In recent years, attackers have noticed the browser’s pivotal role and started abusing it: info-stealers extract credentials stored in the browser, malicious extensions are stealing corporate data and browser zero-days are exploited in the wild. Most malicious downloads and phishing attacks also occur in the browser, which is the #1 most vulnerable application.

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It can be your biggest cybersecurity asset

As the browser is the window to your business, it’s also the perfect place to put security. Monitor access and risky behaviors by employees or malware installed on employee’s endpoints, identify where employees store sensitive company data, and stop malicious downloads and client-side attacks before they cause any business impact.  

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Talon is leveraging the browser to 

redefine enterprise cyber security  


At Talon we analyzed the changes brought by SaaS adoption and hybrid work  

and identified the browser as the ultimate security frontier.   

TalonWork incorporates years of cybersecurity experience as well as  

unique techniques to integrate enterprise-grade security that favors the employee.  


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