Secure all third-party
worker interactions

Working with third-parties lets businesses extend their team’s capabilities and present many values—increased productivity and efficiency, cost reduction, flexibility, access to emerging markets, employment of high-quality experts, and more. But when onboarding third party workers, companies expose their assets and sensitive information to outsiders while risking data leakage and network compromise from unmanaged devices.

TalonWork creates a secure enterprise workspace
on any device within minutes

TalonWork provides extensive, enterprise-grade security capabilities built into the browser
to enable high control granularity into every session requiring third-parties to access business assets.
TalonWork increases visibility and governance—providing your organization
with the robustness and flexibility required by today’s hybrid work environment.


Data isolation and protection

Data loss prevention built into the browser protects enterprise assets from leaking to untrusted devices. DLP includes file restriction or encryption upon download, clipboard restrictions inside enterprise apps, as well as prevention of printing and screenshots – while allowing workers to work freely in your business applications. 


Insider threat mitigation 

Beyond initial access, control every interaction with granular restrictions to eliminate the human factor. Restrict physical access of unauthorized users and enable remote wiping of enterprise assets with a single click. 


Secure workspace on any device 

Create a secure workspace on any device in minutes—including browser hardening, anti-tampering capabilities and automatic and faster patches. 

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Easy to Install
& Manage

Onboard new contractors in minutes, enforcing access to enterprise apps only from TalonWork—all according to policies you define.

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Control Any SaaS &
Web App

TalonWork supports SaaS cloud applications, on-prem and IaaS web applications, as well as longtail SaaS and shadow IT.

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Deploy & Enforce Access
within an Hour

TalonWork can be installed via remote deployment, by invitation emails, or entirely through self-service.

Looking to secure your enterprise assets
when working with third parties?

Talon cyber security named a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Hybrid Work Security