Security built on proven
browser technology

TalonWork integrates effective security technologies into a Chromium-based browser.

Talon Security browser alerts

Multiple security solutions, one powerful browser

Browser hardening against zero-day exploits

Isolate work environment from device malware

All SaaS visibility & governance

Advanced network inspection


The browser you know and love

TalonWork is based on Chromium and delivers a robust browsing experience on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS). Used by more than 2 billion users around the globe, the Chromium core ensures high-performance, regular updates and native user experience.

Talon security

Hardening at the core 

TalonWork hardens Chromium in multi-layered approach: enhanced security configurations, hardened rendering engine, encryption of sensitive data (like authentication tokens) and central management. 

Talon security browser screenshot

Leverage the browser for data protection

Browsing to enterprise resources, including all SaaS services, is secured and monitored. Sensitive data is automatically protected with enterprisegrade encryption, making it irrelevant for ransomware attacks. 

Lock flowchart

Cover a visibility blindspot 

By implementing security flows into browsing, Talon is able to analyze behavior across Webpages and SaaS services. Full audit of file downloads, sharing activity, login to SaaS services and permission grants across web apps. 

Talon security browser extension

Governance & control for the  enterprise services you use 

Central management console for all browser installations, 

including patch management, unified security configurations,

browser extensions control, remote revocation and

enterprise policy enforcement. 

Talon security flow chart

Find out how TalonWork can ramp
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Meet Talon – Winners of the 2022 RSAC Sandbox Innovation Competition at RSA Conference 2023