German manufacturer tightens security controls with TalonWork


A large manufacturing company based in Germany is dependent on many global third-party suppliers to fuel its supply chain operations. These providers access a dedicated logistics portal to commit parts and quantities and to upload design parts and other documentation that is required by the factory for ongoing control and fulfillment. Current access is controlled via password credentials for the supplier.

The Challenge

The portal is accessed by thousands of individuals every month, each using their own device, whether it’s their personal one or a corporate-owned device. Due to the need to upload materials to the portal, there is a high risk of malware penetrating the systems, since there is no way to enforce security on third-party unmanaged devices. Furthermore, since there is one set of credentials per supplier, there is a chance that access could be compromised by an unauthorized user. Finally, there was lack of governance with regards to actions done within the portal, once access was established.

The Solution: TalonWork

Following the deployment, all suppliers were mandated to access the portal via TalonWork. The security posture of each device is tested prior to accessing the portal to ensure the latest updates and patches are installed, and the built-in security controls reduce the attack surface by blocking any potential malware from penetrating the unmanaged devices. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) was also turned on, authenticating users and ensuring no unauthorized devices were accessing corporate resources through the supplier account. In this case, TalonWork was a true business enabler for the manufacturing company.

Talon cyber security named a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Hybrid Work Security