Protect third-party
unmanaged devices with ease

The typical enterprise relies heavily on third parties. These could include contractors, outsourcers, supply chain partners, franchisees, freelancers, and other third parties that routinely access corporate applications and systems using unmanaged endpoints.

Security and IT leaders are turning to the TalonWork secure enterprise browser to secure third-party access to corporate applications and systems.

Secure Third-Party Access

Amit Rosenwaks, Director of Business Development

TalonWork ensures unmanaged endpoint protection for third parties is always on

TalonWork provides extensive security capabilities to secure the third-party workforce while emphasizing end-user productivity, privacy, and ease of use. Purpose-built with enterprise security, the TalonWork browser secures third-party unmanaged endpoints (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS) by monitoring and safeguarding access to SaaS applications and corporate web assets. It defends against data exfiltration and malware spread, validates security posture before granting access, and leveraged advanced data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. TalonWork increases visibility and governance of untrusted third-party endpoints without introducing intrusive software or raising end-user data privacy concerns.

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Measurable Risk Reduction

Prevent data leakage, unauthorized access, and malware originating from third-party devices

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Provides up to 80% TCO savings compared to alternative solutions (ship corporate laptop, VDI) 

Happy and Productive Users

Onboard third parties faster and recover lost productivity due to latency issues with traditional approaches

“With TalonWork, our portal is
finally protected from malware
originating from third parties”

Director, Information Security, large manufacturing company


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