The Secure Browser for the Enterprise

The browser has become the primary application used in the business world, so a secure browser is a must. It’s more than just an internet portal, but rather an access point to your business assets.
Attackers understand that as well; they infiltrate browsers to steal data. Or they masquerade as a credentialed user by using rogue extensions, local threats, or man-in-the-middle methods. They attack devices remotely by exploiting the browser, installing malware, or luring unsuspecting users to phishing websites.

And only a secure enterprise web browser can stop them.

The Talon Enterprise Browser creates a secure workspace for all web-based services and assets

Talon’s Enterprise Browser is a fully hardened browser that protects against modern threats while providing the same browsing experience your workers already know and love. Talon transforms the browser into a secure workspace, giving corporate IT and security teams deep visibility and tight control over all SaaS and web applications for any user, location, or device. All while being incredibly easy and cost-effective to deploy and support.


Secure Enterprise
Web Browser Capabilities

Create a secure workspace on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS), located anywhere, in minutes—with browser hardening and anti-tampering measures, physical access control, and easy user onboarding and off-boarding.  Enjoy faster, automatic patching, while preventing malicious browser extensions from stealing data, tokens, and credentials. 

Secure SaaS and Web Access

The enterprise web browser’s data loss prevention capabilities offer file encryption, plus restrictions on clipboard access, printing, and the ability to take screenshots. 

Protect from malicious domains, URLs, and phishing websites, and apply content filtering, application control, or custom domains and URLs to set allowlists and blocklists. 

Scan downloaded and uploaded files to protect the endpoint using Talon’s file scanning engine or CrowdStrike Falcon X and thwart potential lateral threat movement into corporate web applications. 

Audit Log for Forensics 

The secure browser collects web surfing activities for all HTTP/HTTPS connections—including payloads being used— and audit data from web apps (e.g., login success and failure, file downloading and uploading, sharing files or records in the application) to assist with forensics and blue team activities. 

Any SaaS and
Web app

TalonWork supports SaaS cloud applications, on-prem, and IaaS web applications. This includes shadow IT SaaS applications that lack visibility to IT or security teams.

Full Management Solutions

Talon Cloud management console collects security events, manages browser policies and extensions, and can help you perform forensics.

Easy Deployment 

TalonWork  can be installed via remote deployment, by invitation emails, or entirely through self-service. There is no SSL inspection nor additional traffic, and it doesn’t require any changes to your infrastructure. 

Looking to secure your enterprise workspace?