A Business Browser for the Secure Enterprise

Most security teams simply have no way to validate the posture of a non-corporate device accessing an enterprise resource via the web. A secure business browser is the best way to address these and other risks.

Why do I need a secure browser?

Cloud-based services, hybrid work models, and SaaS solutions fundamentally change the way businesses operate, creating new opportunities for threat actors and new challenges for corporate IT and security organizations. Today’s enterprise is awash in unmanaged and untrusted devices—devices over which the business has little visibility and control. Home-based workers, contractors, IT support vendors, and business partners routinely access enterprise applications and systems using their own endpoints, exposing the business to malware and data exfiltration.

Benefits of business browsers

There is no shortage of solutions that aim to address the security risks of today’s hybrid, distributed, and cloud-based workforce. But they all fall short when it comes to the web.

VPNs are difficult to deploy and were built to protect on-premises infrastructure, not cloud and web apps. VDI and Desktop as a Service can reduce the risks of unmanaged endpoints, but they’re expensive to scale and can hurt the user experience. And while remote browser isolation offerings do isolate web traffic,  they don’t provide the visibility into user activity that today’s enterprises require.

Only a secure business browser can protect modern web applications in today’s hybrid workforce. The TalonWork browser:

  • is easy and cost-effective to deploy and manage; 
  • provides secure access to SaaS and web apps;
  • isolates web traffic locally;
  • supports a variety of endpoints and operating systems;
  • plus much more.

Get your business browser white paper

This white paper reviews the key features, functions, and benefits of a business browser in general, and Talon work in particular. It describes what a secure enterprise browser is, why it is required, and why the concept is now poised for success.

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