Secure the whole enterprise including M&A – encompassing target company and subsidiaries  

As an extension of an organization, a subsidiary’s security policy might differ from that of the parent. Devices aren’t directly managed, security posture review are missing, and lower security enforcement might exist. As global enterprises strive to get a handle on risk, visibility into the security posture of subsidiaries is paramount to staving off revenue- and reputation-crushing attacks. 

How Secure Enterprise Browsers Can Speed Up M&A and Due Diligence Projects

Amit Rosenwaks, Director of Business Development

TalonWork creates a secure enterprise workspace on any device within minutes 

TalonWork provides extensive, enterprise-grade security capabilities built into a secure browser to enable high control granularity per user type, SaaS service, and subsidiary device. TalonWork increases visibility and governance—providing your business with the ability to accelerate secure onboarding of new teams while maintaining the flexibility required by today’s hybrid work environment. 


Secure the whole

Secure workspace on any device 

Create a secure workspace on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS) in minutes—including browser hardening and anti-tampering capabilities, automatic and faster patches, as well as prevention of unauthorized physical access and easy off-boarding of users. 

Data isolation and protection  

Data loss prevention built into the browser stops enterprise assets from leaking to untrusted devices. DLP includes file encryption upon download, clipboard restrictions inside enterprise apps, as well as prevention of printing and screenshots. 

Insider threat mitigation 

Maintain full control of workers’ access and actions with enterprise data—including data masking to avoid unnecessary, privileged access and data auditing across user activities inside SaaS apps. 

Measurable Risk Reduction

Enable superior last mile DLP and device posture capabilities

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Provides up to 80% TCO savings compared to alternative solutions

Happy and Productive Users

Onboard employees and third parties from subsidiaries faster than alternatives

Looking for a way to secure your enterprise assets

during and after M&A process?

Talon cyber security named a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Hybrid Work Security