US insurance co. reduced remote access helpdesk tickets by 24%


A large insurance firm in the US was having difficulty providing secure access to its core quoting application for their nationwide agents. The agents are individuals, or workers of local agencies, and were using their personal devices to access this sensitive application that includes customers’ private data and other sensitive information.

The Challenge

The previous access solution included having users with VPN credentials and individual endpoint registration, in addition to having a compatible browser version to meet the regulatory compliance requirement concerning security updates. The firm had no visibility into agents’ in-app activity and only had an audit trail of VPN connections and disconnections per user.

End users complained about the need to use the VPN that added latency to their user experience, and due to the dynamic nature of employee turnaround, added to the workload of the security and IT teams. Browser updates were often postponed, causing frustration due to the agents’ access being blocked.


Following the swift deployment of TalonWork, the insurance firm was able to validate that all agents could securely and easily use the business-critical application, eliminating costly VPN licenses. Through Integration with the firm’s identity provider, access to the application was mandated via TalonWork, making it the standard secure browser of choice and easily enforcing policy controls.

The TalonWork built-in security controls seamlessly validated the browser versions and endpoint posture, before allowing connection, ensuring continuous compliance at all times. Finally, the leadership team had full visibility into agents’ in-app activities, including insights and alerts regarding data leaks or other suspicious behavior. TalonWork provided cost-savings, tighter security and granular controls that were not available before, serving as a true business enabler for the insurance firm.

Talon cyber security named a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Hybrid Work Security