Provide Secure Customer Care, Remote or Onsite

Maintaining customer trust by quickly solving their problems with a smile is the role of your customer service team.
They have full access to customer data while working under constant pressure and suffering from high turnover. This makes customer care employees a prime target for bad actors risking your company’s reputation.

TalonWork securely extends contact center apps
to outside users and unmanaged devices  


TalonWork provides a secure workspace for customer care workers located anywhere in the world.

Deployed in minutes on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS)

and web applications, while providing granular control to keep enterprise assets

protected from sophisticated social engineering attacks. It’s security at its fullest,

with a flawless user experience (UX) to maximize productivity. 


TalonWork for Customer Care

Secure workspace on any device 

Create a secure workspace on any device in minutes without the cost and expense of sending corporate laptops—including browser hardening and anti-tampering capabilities, automatic and faster patches, and prevention of unauthorized physical access and easy off-boarding of customer care team members.

Mitigate insider threats 

Maintain complete control of workers’ access and actions with enterprise data-including data masking to avoid unnecessary, privileged access to confidential data and personally identifiable data that unscrupulous agents can abuse or sell on the dark web.

Isolate and protect data 

Data loss prevention built into the TalonWork browser stops enterprise assets from leaking to untrusted devices. DLP includes file encryption upon download, clipboard restrictions inside customer care apps, as well as prevention of printing and screenshots. 

Measurable Risk Reduction

Protect your enterprise against external threat actors and customer care agents with ill intent

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Provides up to 80% TCO savings compared to alternative solutions (ship corporate laptop, VDI)

Happy and Productive Users

Reduce customer care team frustration due to latency of VDI and legacy security alternatives

Looking to secure your customer care teams,
remote or on-site?

Talon cyber security named a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Hybrid Work Security