Provide Secure Customer Care, Remote or Onsite

Maintaining customer trust by quickly solving their problems with a smile is the role of your customer service team.
It has full access to customer data while working under constant pressure—all the while suffering from high turnover. This makes customer care employees a prime target for bad actors risking your company reputation.

TalonWork keeps control over enterprise data
in the hands of the enterprise


TalonWork provides a secure workspace for workers located anywhere in the world.

Deployed in minutes on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS)

and web applications, while providing granular control to keep enterprise assets

protected from sophisticated social engineering attacks. It’s security at its fullest,

with a flawless user experience (UX) to maximize productivity. 


TalonWork for BYOD

Secure workspace on any device 

Create a secure workspace on any device in minutesincluding browser hardening and anti-tampering capabilities, automatic and faster patches, as well as prevention of unauthorized physical access and easy off-boarding of users. 

Mitigate insider threat 

Maintain full control of workers access and actions with enterprise dataincluding data masking to avoid unnecessary, privileged access in addition to discovery of shadow SaaS (the ability of workers to easily access and use unsanctioned apps).  

Data isolation and protection 

Data loss prevention built into the TalonWork browser stops enterprise assets from leaking to untrusted devices. DLP includes file encryption upon download, clipboard restrictions inside enterprise apps, as well as prevention of printing and screenshots. 

Maintain a Productive Workforce

Don’t let security hold your teams back; TalonWork ensures a frictionless worker experience.

Secure Enterprise Assets

Ensure consistent, endpoint–agnostic security for all workers.

Reduce TCO and Simplify Operations

No network alteration, additional software, or external servers.

Looking to secure your customer care teams,
remote or on-site?

Talon secures $100M series A funding!