Talon Cyber Security Announces New Integrations with CrowdStrike

by Talon PR
April 25th, 2023

Talon’s Enterprise Browser Expands Integrations with CrowdStrike Falcon Platform to Provide Powerful Security Control for Customers

Tel Aviv, Israel – April 25, 2023 – Talon Cyber Security, the leader in enterprise browser technology, today announced new integrations with CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered protection of endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data, to enable comprehensive threat protection and insights into unmanaged devices across modern environments. Joint customers benefit from new Talon integrations with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to enable more granular controls for device security posture, proactive threat analysis and attack surface protection.

“With how powerful and complementary our technologies are, I am thrilled for our joint customers that we have new integrations with CrowdStrike,” said Ofer Ben-Noon, co-founder and CEO, Talon Cyber Security. “Today’s environments are incredibly complex, especially as organizations allow more work on unmanaged endpoints from third parties and employee-owned devices. Together, CrowdStrike and Talon deliver the robust protection that is necessary to stay ahead of attackers and reduce risk.”

Talon integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon modules to:

  • Secure unmanaged devices: Talon and CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence provide customers with a proven integration to secure unmanaged device use across environments, leveraging industry-leading threat intelligence and malware scanning from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. The integration, now available for customers to try in the CrowdStrike Store, seamlessly uses Falcon’s automated threat detection, indicators of compromise (IOCs) and granular URL filtering to defend unmanaged devices against malware, block access to risky websites, and prevent confidential data loss.
  • Visualize user behavior: Talon and CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection provide customers with layered identity insights for comprehensive visibility into authentication activity within the organization. Customers can unify all of their identity data, including holistic web and authentication data across managed and unmanaged devices from Talon, in the CrowdStrike Falcon console to eliminate blind spots and improve the understanding of user behavior, enabling quick response to identity-based threats.
  • Hunt for threats at scale: The Talon Enterprise Browser integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale, CrowdStrike’s modern log management and observability platform. Customers can leverage this to easily ingest and analyze historical and real-time Talon browser and device data, including SaaS and web application activity from unmanaged devices, providing comprehensive visibility for accelerated threat hunting and forensics operations.
  • Improve security posture and minimize risk: Talon combines device posture assessments from CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) with its device metrics to evaluate the security health of managed devices. With visibility and insights surrounding risk and device health, security teams are empowered to apply appropriate access and data policies to effectively secure the organization.

“As a CrowdStrike Falcon Fund partner, we are thrilled to see the continued momentum from Talon and their innovation in empowering customers to secure managed and unmanaged devices,” said Gur Talpaz, Vice President of Corporate Development, CrowdStrike. “We see increased demand from our customers to improve their security posture with an enterprise browser, which is why we’ve deepened our integrations with Talon.”

To view the Talon Enterprise Browser in the CrowdStrike Store, visit: https://store.crowdstrike.com/partners/talon-cyber-security.

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